Here are but a few of the many notable and notorious locations to be found within and nearby the town.

Township of Witiko Falls


Burning_Bush_Small.jpgThe Burning Bush
Strip club of all-redheads run by Jack Sarfatti.

Locations_Small1.jpgThe Cats Meow Chinese Buffet
The town’s sole Chinese restaurant.

Locations_Small1.jpgThe Caves
Abandoned cave system purportedly haunted by the Coughers.

Locations_Small1.jpgThe Falls
The town’s eponymous falls. Reputed to have medicinal properties.

Locations_Small2.jpgEugene Baker Elementary School
Public school for grades K-4.

Locations_Small8.jpgEye of Providence Credit Union
The town’s sole banking institution.

Locations_Small2.jpgGreen Lady River
Crooked river that feeds into the Falls. Popular fishing destination.

Lacewood_Small.jpgLacewood Cottage
Adjacent houses inhabited by Harvey Bauman, Jonas Bauman, and Lottie Bauman. Former home of Hazel Bauman.

Locations_Small1.jpgLame Bull Middle School
Public school for grades 5-8.

Locations_Small1.jpgLutheran Church of the Almighty Shadow
The town’s largest church, presided over by Reverend Ostergaard.

Locations_Small1.jpgMount Pelion General Hospital
New hospital funded by corporate donors in the ’80s. Notably large for a town as small as Witiko Falls.

Locations_Small1.jpgMountain Shadow Cemetery
Cemetery adjacent to the Lutheran Church of the Almighty Shadow, notable for its peaceful atmosphere.

Locations_Small7.jpgNiccolò’s Pizzeria
Local pizza place.

Fast food restaurant. Part of the larger O’Tolley’s franchise and locally operated by the the Pendergrass family.

Locations_Small1.jpgThe Police Station
Local headquarters for the Bonner County Sheriff’s Department.

Sprawling castle-like mansion operated by an unknown governmental agency and shunned by locals.

Locations_Small1.jpgThe Scarecrow Cinema
Movie theater owned by the albino Mordecai Clay. Reputedly going out of business.

Retail and grocery store.

Sisyphus_Small.jpgSisyphus Manor
Postbellum mansion formerly home to Hazel Bauman and Lydia Calloway.

Swiner_Small1.jpg The Swiner
Diner specializing in pig dishes operated by the Yager twins.

Locations_Small1.jpgWhispering Cedars Asylum
Closed-down asylum with a dark reputation. Popular site for teenagers to enter on dares.

Locations_Small1.jpgWitiko Falls High School
Public school for grades 9-12.

Blackfoot Reservation


Like the colors of a roulette wheel, the Blackfoot reservation is bifurcated sharply between the winners and losers. Belonging to the larger Blackfoot Confederacy, the Kainai-dominated scrap of land is best known to outsiders for the thriving Beavertail Casino and those other businesses like the Ghost Elk Lodge that suck from the casino’s lucrative teat. Nestled in the shadow of the Cloven Hoof mountain, this outward-facing section of the Kainai Reserve is bright, busy, and booming. Few save its residents know or see its ‘other’ side.

Once home to roving buffalo herds, the pine and fire studded slopes are carved by scrub-brush streams that split and merge with the Green Lady before they spill over the eponymous Falls. But the idyllic scenery is marked by a profound sense of loss. The herds are gone, the echo of their hooves only captured by itinerant thunder. The tribe is a small fraction of its once-feared strength, decimated by its lost way of life, settler diseases and drugs, and the malaise of federal and tribal handouts mixed with generational poverty.

Locations_Small1.jpgThe Aapoak Fields
Burial grounds for the local Blood Tribe.

Locations_Small1.jpgThe Beavertail Casino
Casino owned by Jacob Ghostelk. One of the few attractions to draw outsiders to Witiko Falls.

Locations_Small1.jpgCoffee Wigwam
Coffee shop operated by Bryon Black Plume.

Locations_Small1.jpgGhost Elk Lodge
Posh hotel owned by Jacob Ghostelk. Caters to Nostrum executives and gamblers at the Beavertail Casino.

Locations_Small1.jpgGus Stop
The reservation’s sole gas stop and general store.

Scratchs_Corral_Small.jpgScratch’s Corral
Box canyon and dead-end gorge once used as a hideaway by militant secessionists.

Locations_Small5.jpgThirsty Moon Records
The reservation’s sole record store.



Blue_Moon_Calf_Dairy_Farm.jpgBlue Moon Calf Dairy Farm
Dairy farm operated by the Britter family.

The_Compound_Small.jpgThe Compound
Headquarters of the cult-like Church of the Messianic Cambion.

Locations_Small1.jpgFairbairn Cottage
Abandoned cabin purportedly haunted by the Scold. Popular site for site for teenagers to engage in trysts or stay the night on dares.

Locations_Small4.jpgKaniksu National Forest
Conservation area protected by the local National Park Service.

Locations_Small1.jpgMoonbrood Clubhouse
Clubhouse used by the Moonbrood biker gang.

Locations_Small6.jpgNostrum Enterprises Pharmaceutical Plant
Locally maligned pharmaceutical plant.

Locations_Small1.jpgRed Aspen Firewatch Station
Headquarters of the local National Park Service. Chiefly inhabited by Mary Madcatcher and Brook Barnes.

Locations_Small5.jpgRiverside Tailer Park
Trailer park inhabited by some of the town’s poorest residents.

Locations_Small1.jpgRockwell’s Fall
Accident-prone mountain pass with an unlucky reputation. Also known as Bad Medicine.

Locations_Small1.jpgSaint Enoch’s Towers
Slum apartments inhabited by some of the Falls’ poorest residents.

Locations_Small1.jpgShades of Death Trail
Highway between the Kainai Reserve and Kaniksu Forest.


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