Character Sheet

GM’s Notes: Since PCs may or may not become rivals, your character’s stats and aspirations should be kept secret from other players. To do that, click the “add player secret” on your character’s page.

Please include a picture of your character. You can include more than one, but only one is required. Also, all pictures need to be black and white photographs rather than illustrations or paintings. If you run into trouble finding a photo to your liking with the above specifications, I’ll be happy to help find or edit one.

(Insert artwork here)

Make sure you copy this page’s bbcode onto your character sheet as well as the text. To do so, click the “edit page” button and copy the text below this message. Players often overlook this step.

Put everything here in the “Description” field of your character sheet

Physical Profile: Write a third-person summary of your character’s appearance. Beyond things like eye color, hair-style, and notable facial, body, and vocal features, you might also include the character’s preferred or typical attire, personal affects, and even notable physical mannerisms and gestures (e.g., often chews on pencils or twirls wedding band). Note that these should only be publically apparent features. For example, if you have a red tattoo on your left heel marking you as an intended sacrifice for the demon Moloch, you should include that in the secret portion of your character sheet, not in this section (unless you routinely walk barefoot and flash your heel and tattoo to people).

Demographical Profile:
Date of Birth:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:

Put everything here in the “Bio” field of your character page

Historical Profile: Please provide a summary of your character’s background. This can be as long as you wish, but at least provide relevant facts.

Psychological Profile: Write a third-person summary of your character’s personality. This section could include philosophical/religious beliefs, notable psychiatric symptoms (past or present), relative extraversion/introversion, cognitive aptitude, etc. You should also attempt to briefly convey ‘what’ the character believes is Truth and ‘how’ the character came to that belief. Note that I don’t expect all characters to have solid, firm answers to the above questions –but you should try to consider the questions and briefly give some indication of their answers, however temporary or inchoate they may be. As with the prior section, truly private thoughts, fears, or traits should be posted in the secret portion of your sheet.

Click “add player secret” and put everything below here, there

Mental Attributes:
Physical Attributes:
Social Attributes:
Mental Skills:
Physical Skills:
Social Skills:
Conditions: Parasomnia ()


Experience Earned: X Beats, X XP

Experience Spent:
* X XP on A
* Y XP on B
* Z XP on C

(Players, make note of everything you spend XP on here. This includes your initial bonus XP when creating a new character, if applicable)

Expanded Merits

* Merit Name: For Merits with uncommon or complex rules, I would suggest reposting them here for your benefit. Additionally, you can include information that is specific to your character’s dots in the Merit. For example, if you purchase several dots in Haven, you could describe your residence, its defenses, and so forth. Alternatively, with Allies, you could briefly describe your ally and how you met and developed such a favorable relationship.

* Merit Name: Etc.


Condition Name
Just like with Merits above.

Condition Name


This section is intended to help players keep track of secrets they discover as well as those they wish to keep secret. What information does your character know that isn’t common knowledge, and which other characters would like to know? Separate the secrets by bullet points. Initially, this section may be blank, or nearly so; however, as this game progresses, you can expect it to grow.


(Once again, I don’t expect these to be written in stone. Instead, these aspirations should help you flesh out your character and help me adapt the campaign to suit your interests. As one player aptly put it: “I expect many of these goals to change and become invalidated or more vampire-centric when my PC is Embraced. Nevertheless, they are present to inform her actions and give some tragic inkling of what her life could have been.” Also note that these can be a player’s Aspiration for his/her PC rather than the actual PC’s goal and motive)

* List here.

* Briefly list.
* Ditto.
* Etc.
* Same as above.
* Etc.

* List something that might be accomplishable in roughly a day in-game.
* Ditto.

Player Preferences: In this section, you can share what supernatural trajectory you have in mind for your character. For instance, you might share what vampire clans or covenants you might like your PC to join –or what clans or covenants you would not like your PC to join.

Character Sheet

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