Red Aspen Firewatch Station


Also known as Akipunni Station, Red Aspen is the regional headquarters for the U.S. National Park Rangers. Built atop an older Kainai site, the firewatch and radio tower has long served as a redoubt against and for nature. The stone structure juts up from the peak known as Baker’s Cudgel and as Ksah-koom-aukie’s Breast amongst the natives. Despite deeply gouged abuse by generations of mad, rabid, frenzying bears, elk, cougars, moose, and worse, Red Aspen stands resolute and unflinching. Its top floor has storm windows that provide mile–long vistas, and its two radio–towers pierce the sky, with trailing cables and vertiginous climbing rails.

Beyond being a fortress oft besieged by the demented nature it seeks to protect, Red Aspen also hosts Witiko Falls’ sole all–night radio station: KALM 1307 AM. By day, the radio station is barren save for automated weather reports, pre-recorded public service announcements, and and the not–rare–enough emergency bulletins. By night, local Falls High student and ranger cadet, Brook Barnes, plays disk jockey and informal talk show host, covering local issues from grizzly hunting licenses to homicidal home appliances.


Red Aspen Firewatch Station

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