Casey Sullivan

Hell-bent detective


The moment you give up all thought of retreat or surrender, you become an unstoppable force.
~Tommy Newberry

Sullivan stands at 5’10", a decently built man in his early thirties. He could stand to lose some weight, but isn’t really definable as fat. He has green eyes tinted with a hint of blue. He generally wears a grey or navy suit with a matching tie, although the state of them can vary between looking very sharp and clean to being dragged through a bush backwards and thrown into a bucket of gasoline. He has short dark-brown hair, generally held back by a small amount of gel. He isn’t particularly strong or nimble, but he makes up for both with stamina and grit. He often carries a pencil and notepad and often absent-mindedly chews the end of the former or fidgets in the absence of company.

Demographical Profile
Name: Casey Sullivan
Gender: Male
Race: Irish-American
Date of Birth: November 7th, 1966
Age: 31
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 164 lbs.
Eye Color: Green with a hint of blue
Hair Color: Black
Complexion: Fair, but not pale.


Historical Profile

Casey Sullivan was born in Boston, to a standard middle class family that managed to sustain itself. He was fairly happy with the way life was in the city and with his family and school life in general. He was an above average student, getting decently high marks in school while not being in the top of the class, and had a couple of fairly close friends.

The only person he really thought of as a ‘best friend’ was his older brother Tom, so much so that the duo was practically inseparable and did everything. Tom was always the more stand-out and popular of the pair, being 4 years older than Casey and playing as the quarterback for the Boston College Eagles while Casey was still a sophomore in high school.

This idyllic world was shattered when he was 15, twisting his vision of the world and making him actively pursue the career path he now follows. His brother Tom was found as one of the victims of a string of serial killings, which the FBI investigated. Casey was actually the person who found him, the finding having a profound effect on Casey. To this day, Sullivan cannot stand the sight of blood in any quantity, triggering an unnatural fear in him.

The case was never resolved, and eventually went cold about two years after his brother’s murder. Even then, his parents never truly recovered. They ignored him, neglecting him as they continued to grieve for his brother. Casey had to leave, had to try and stop living in his brother’s shadow. He left Boston and went to Philadelphia after finishing high school, attending the Philadelphia University to get a degree in Criminology to join the FBI, where he was accepted at the age of 25 and has worked ever since.

Psychological Profile

Agent Sullivan has an obvious problem, namely his case of acute haemophobia which seems to have developed from the trauma of witnessing his brother’s corpse. We have tested him multiple times, and blood in any quantity makes him very highly strung and panicky. However, in all other situations he is a steadfast and admittedly headstrong man, known by many of the agents and local police departments he has worked with. He always remains cool and level-headed in many situations that do not conflict with his other psychological trauma, maintaining his abilities in many high-stress situations. He has a firm grounding in the realm of facts, doubting anything that he doesn’t see with his own two eyes. He does however have an odd sixth sense which he refers to as ‘hunches’, mainly when in the areas where something tragic has happened or is about to happen. When questioned upon whether this has anything along the veins of the supernatural in his opinion, he immediately denies it and dismisses the theory entirely.

Casey Sullivan

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